Mission of Rabitabank

Offering fast and efficient bank services to people and businesses in a place and condition appropriate to them.

Strategic view of Rabitabank

A stable universal bank with a professional team offering traditional and modern financial services to all kinds of customers as one of the biggest banks of the country.


  •  Responsibility
  •  Transparency
  •  Teamwork
  •  Efficiency
  •  Determination


All of us are responsible for implementation of our duties and business matters set ahead.

This is the main priority and minimum standard in our activity. As a team of Rabitabank we all are responsible for:

  •   implementation of business plan and increase of profitability of capital before shareholders;
  •   proper implementation of our activity and activity of the team, in general, before ourselves;
  •   highly fulfillment of the promises made by the bank before every client;
  •   implementation of requirements of taxes and the legislation before the state;
  •   good name and influence of the bank before the society.


This value defines transparency level, mutual confidence and ability to work jointly for the administration, colleagues and clients.
We are transparent bank organized of team of professional, responsible and hard-working specialists. Our products must be simple and clear.
We will create relevant connection between the world and our team members that means, we will obtain maximum possible information by not damaging commercial interests of the bank and not violating the principle of confidentiality.

The spirit of teamwork – the value joining us around our mission is the strategy of the bank and the goal set before each of us.

We depend on each other and should render assistance to each other and our team in solution of the problems.
We should mutually respect each other, appreciate estimable properties of our colleagues and compensate their shortages while trying to be a team. We should try to create mutual confidence and favorable conditions during the work process. Meanwhile, exigency towards himself /herself and others as well as healthy criticism and tolerance to this criticism are important attributes of a successful team.


This means rational behavior and achieving optimum solution of problems.

All of us must take into account positive and negative sides of our decisions in order to make proper and considered decisions.

All of us must be able to adequately substantiate efficiency of business proposals and decisions.

All of us must work goal-orientedly and achieve solution of problems.

Efficiency of the bank is the result of rational and expedient work of each of us and our team, in general.


This means urgent collection of necessary information, timely making and implementation of decisions.

Decision making ability means making of decisions by choosing one of the possible alternatives during a short period of time.

Decision making ability must be demonstrated not only in internal processes, but also in making of business decisions.

Attaching higher importance to this value will result in development of the bank business and creating competition opportunities in various areas of the business. Making of timely decisions is as important as making of right decisions for our bank.

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