16 Feb. 2009

How to receive an unlimited rate of percent on the deposit.

The desire to receive the maximum income with the minimum risk is the purpose of each investor. Investors of banks having a wide choice of banks for placement of the means are also interested in placement of the means in banks with the best conditions, including a high rate of percent. But since this week it is not necessary to look for the highest percent in what bank or to wait, when the bank will lift percent - now percent investors and can increase, the most important, without restriction of the maximum rate of percent.

The new deposit Friend from Rabitabank gives unique opportunity infinitely to increase an interest rate of the contribution.Involving the friends and acquaintances to place deposits to Rabitabank-e, or most placing additional resources in Rabitabank clients can increase percent on the deposit Friend indefinitely.

Terms of deposit are simple and very profitable.Suppose the investor has placed a deposit on a different amount of 1000 AZN, an interest rate of 14%. If any of his friends or acquaintances on his advice, to place in Rabitabank-e deposit of 5000 manat, the annual percentage of the client, who drew a deposit, increased by 5% (5000 divided by 1000 AZN AZN) and is 19% ( 14% 5%) per annum!

If someone from his friends or acquaintances according to his advice, places in Rabitabank-e the deposit for the sum 5 000 манат, the annual percent of the client who has involved the deposit, will increase by 5 % (5000 манат shares on 1000 манат) and will make 19 % (14 % + 5 %) the annual!

If the sum of attracting customers is equal to 50,000 manat, his percentage would increase by 50% (50,000 divided by 1000 manat manat) and will be 64% per annum!

If the total is attracted 500,000 manats, that percentage will increase by 500% (500 000 manats manats divided by 1000) and will be 514% APR!

The client can give in addition unlimited number of new clients with any sums and the percent of its deposit can raise beyond all bounds in process of increase in the deposits involved with him.The new client who came to the bank on the advice of the old, can place their money in any currency at any time and for any form of deposit. Arriving at the bank, he or she must just mention the name of the depositor who drew their service department and the employee sign the document.

The minimum sum of the deposit Friend makes 200 manat or US dollars. The deposit can be placed for a period of a year or for two years. Interest payments made on a quarterly basis. The initial interest rate is - 14%, the maximum percentage - unlimited!

he deposit Friend can be opened at head office of bank or any of 19 branches and bank offices. Additional information on the deposit can be received having called according to number 133 in an info center of bank or on a bank site www.rabitabank.com

The number of branches and service departments of Rabitabank today reaches 19, 6 of which operate in the city of Baku, and 13 cover all the major regions of the country including Sumgait, Ganja, Lankaran, Shamakhi, Sheki, Kurdamir, Nakhchivan, Guba, Gusar, Khachmaz, Shamkir, Shirvan and Agjabedi.

Rabitabank operating since 1993 the first year, and 31 th December 2008 the bank's total assets amounted to 94 million manat, and capital 15 million manat. The Bank is a member of the Deposit Insurance Fund.

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