29 Feb. 2016

Rabitabank OJSC started a joint project together with Orkhan Aslanov, famous photograph and author of “My Azerbaijan” project.

“My Azerbaijan” project aims to describe Azerbaijan in a different and untraditional way by Orkhan Aslanov and his team who travel the country step by step and present its all beauties from fascinating nature to historical and unforgettable places and remote corners as well. Everybody will have one more reason to travel the beautiful and picturesque places of Azerbaijan after Rabitabank joins the project. Any person will get the opportunity to gain money from Rabitabank and several presents from “My Azerbaijan” project by finding the treasury hidden in different regions of Azerbaijan within the framework of the project. Orkhan Aslanov and his extreme team will start on their journey to various regions of the country and hide the treasury. Participants may follow Facebook pages of Rabitabank and Orkhan Aslanov and make an effort to find the treasury. 

You may find detailed information about the project from Rabitabank’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rabitabank/?fref=ts, Orkhan Aslanov’s facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AslanovOrkhan/?fref=ts  and instagram page at @myazerbaijanaz as well.    

Rabitabank OJSC has been successfully operating in the financial market of Azerbaijan more than 22 years. The bank has a big influence as a reliable and dynamically developing financial institution which included in the list of 5 top transparent banks of Azerbaijan by the international rating agencies. Rabitabank preserved its position among big banks of Azerbaijan as well as created its branch network consisting of 22 branches and 1 division during this period. Rabitabank, acting as a main partner to small and medium businesses in the country, continues rendering financial services to both individuals and legal entities. 

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