Cash by Code

The service fee is 1.5% (2 AZN, USD, EUR) 

“Cash by Code” service allows withdrawing funds from ATMs without a card. 

«Cash by Code» transaction is processed as described below:

Sending Money:


  •  Insert your bank card into ATM, select «Cash by Code» item in main menu
  •  Choose “Send Money” item
  •  Enter the sum of the transaction and receiver’s cell phone number
  •  The system generates the password consisting of two parts; one part the system sends to the receiver via SMS, the second one is printed on the cheque from ATM.


Receiving Money:

  •  Select «Cash by Code» item
  •  Select «Receive Money» item
  •  Enter both parts of code (eligible for 24 hours)
  •  Choose the currency and withdraw cash without plastic card.


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