PIN Change

"PIN Change" is 2 AZN/USD/EUR.

There are no restrictions to change the PIN several times.

The procedure of “PIN Change” via ATM-s:

  •  The PIN change is carried out only at ATM-s
  •  The new PIN must consist of 4 digits.
  •  In ATM Menu select “SERVICES” 
  •  In “SERVICES” menu select “PIN CHANGE”  
  •  Enter  new PIN 
  •  Confirm a new PIN 
  •  If the twice entered PINs do not match, he following error is shown on display: “Sorry, but you have entered wrong PIN number” 
  •  In this case choose “PRESS HERE TO REENTER” and enter a new PIN twice

It is not recommended to set a new one PIN containing recurring (2222) digits or 4 digits in a row (1234), as well as to use the same PIN for several bank cards.

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