CONTACT - the first Russian system of international money transfers and payments to individuals without bank schetov. Contact system as a whole, you can send or receive transfers from 80 countries worldwide.

Today the Contact system has widely branched out network - in Russia participants of system are 221 banks, available in total expression more than 1100 points in 400 cities. Contact also works with all CIS and Baltic countries where participants of system are 60 banks with 4150 points in more than in 1000 the cities. In particular Contact actively functions in Azerbaijan where the system cooperates with 7 leading banks having about 70 service stations.

Advantages of Contact system:

  • Increased reliability
  • Convenient and transparent transfers
  • it is easy to keep account and the reporting
  • Means are paid to the recipient completely and without deduction of any commission no later than the next day


To send funds via "Contact" You need to:

  • To come to Rabitabank, select country, city, and the bank in which the person to whom you are sending money (ie the recipient) will be given a transfer
  • To give our staff a document proving your identity
  • An employee of our bank will help you fill out the documents and inform you with a unique number of your transfer
  • Then you'll have to make a cash payment and pay a fee for transfer (under the current Tariff System Contact)
  • After that you can only transfer to the recipient address of your bank, where he can get the money, the amount and the unique number of money transfer

To receive funds through the "Contact" You need to:

  • Get the sender the following information:

     * Address of the bank where the funds are received
     * Transaction number
     * Amount of transfer

  • Provide a document proving your identity

Countries covered by the Contact system:

     * Azerbaijan
     * Belarus
     * Belgium
     * Bulgaria
     * Burundi
     * United Kingdom
     * Germany
     * Greece
     * Georgia
     * Denmark
     * Israel
     * Spain
     * Kazakhstan
     * Canada
     * Kyrgyzstan
     * Latvia
     * The Republic of Lithuania
     * Moldova
     * Poland
     * Portugal
     * Puerto - Rico
     * The Russian Federation
     * Romania
     * The United States of America
     * Tajikistan
     * Uzbekistan
     * Ukraine
     * Czech Republic
     * Switzerland
     * Sweden
     * Estonia


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