Western Union


The system of Western Union Money Transfer allows you to transfer your money in distant foreign countries and neighboring countries, including CIS countries.


Advantages of Western Union:

  • The ability to easily transfer money in 189 countries around the world
  • No need to open a bank account to transfer money
  • Availability of funds posted just a 5-10 min. after translation
  • Get absolutely free translation

To send money through Western Union you will need:

  • Provide an employee of the bank document confirming your identity
  • Fill in the standard form "To send money"
  • Make the cashier the amount you plan to send to the recipient, and to pay a fee for translation (the commission determined in accordance with applicable Tariffs).
  • When processing your data bank employee tells you a special ten-digit control number, which you should notify the recipient of money.
  • For greater security when sending the money you can ask a security question with an indication of the answer.
  • The correct answer to the security question will be given to the recipient you have transferred the money.

Special Conditions:

  • Transfer of funds is subject to the requirements of the Central Bank (the "Rules on the regime of foreign exchange operations of residents and nonresidents in the Republic of Azerbaijan")
  • When making a transfer of more than 1000 U.S. Bank automatically opens an account in your name

To receive funds through Western Union you will need:

  • Provide a document proving your identity
  • Fill in the standard form "For the money," and assure him of his personal signature

Additional Services:

  • Message from the transfer (not more than 20 words). You can send along with a brief translation of the message by writing it in the appropriate section of Form in Latin script
  • Notification by phone (maybe for some countries). If you are the sender, you can specify the recipient's phone number with area code, and the city / state / region, where the recipient. Within one hour after the administration of the bank transfer of Representative shall notify by telephone the recipient of the transfer, as well as explain what address you can get the money. If the recipient is in place, a representative of Western Union will call him up for two days (three times a day).
  • Send a check for a money transfer to the recipient's address (perhaps for some countries). Translations can be delivered to the recipient in the form of a check, which can later be used as a means of payment.



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