Lending Partners

Local lending partners: 

International lending partners:



International Finance Corporation (IFC) 

IFC is the partner of Rabitabank since 1998. Since that time bank has signed two agreements with IFC for financing projects of Small and Medium Enterprises. IFC has also provided the bank with numerous technical assistance project including consultant support in the areas of credit underwriting, risk management, strategic planning etc. IFC owns option to purchase up to 20%of the shares of Rabitabank.

The International Finance Corporation is the private sector arm of the World Bank Group aimed to promote sustainable private sector investment in developing countries. Rabitabank has been in cooperation with IFC since 1997. Corporation extends credit lines to the bank for the purpose of financing micro, small and medium enterprises. IFC also provides technical assistance in the areas of strategic development and risk management. IFC holds an option to acquire up to 20% of the shares of the bank.


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

EBRD is the partner of Rabitabank since 2007. Bank has received credit line from EBRD for financing micro, small and medium enterprises' projects and Trade Finance. EBRD also provides technical assistance to the bank in the area of credit underwriting and organization of microfinancing.

Established in 1991 EBRD provides investment tools to help build market economies and democracies in countries from central Europe to central Asia. EBRD has signed contract with Rabitabank in 2006 to extend credit lines for financing micro, small and medium enterprises as well as trade finance. EBRD also provides technical assistance to the bank in the area of credit underwriting.


Islamic Development Bank (IDB)

IDB is the partner of Rabitabank since 2003. IDB extended two credit lines to Rabitabank to finance SME projects. Latest credit line was signed in December 2007.

IDB is an international financial institution established to foster the economic development and social progress of 56 member countries (including Azerbaijan). IDB has provided credit lines to Rabitabank for the purpose of financing of small and medium enterprises.


WorldBusiness Capital Inc

In the first quarter of 2008 Rabitabank signed a loan agreement with an investment fund WorldBusiness Capital Inc (WBC) U.S. on a credit line in the amount of $ 5 million. The agreement was approved by the Agency for Foreign Private Investment (Oversees Private İnvestment Corporation - OPİC) and raised on the U.S. 10-year funds will be used to support small and medium enterprises in Azerbaijan.This is the first transaction in the banking sector of Azerbaijan has lauded OPIC.


Azerbaijan State Entrepreneurs Support Fund - government fun financing of discount rate loans for production and agriculture purposes;

State Mortgage Fund - state fund created to refinance subsidized mortgage loans issued by banks, members of the fund;


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