Mission of Rabitabank

Offering fast and efficient bank services to people and businesses in a place and condition appropriate to them.

Strategic view of Rabitabank

A stable universal bank with a professional team offering traditional and modern financial services to all kinds of customers as one of the biggest banks of the country.


  •  Responsibility
  •  Transparency
  •  Teamwork
  •  Customer-orientation
  •  Goal orientation
  •  Sustainable development

 I  Responsibility

Each of us is responsible to carry out his/her job duties and business targets, also adhere with the requirements of the legislation:

a)    Responsibility against the public to preserve the assets of customers and act honestly in the activities carried out for development of business in the country;

b)    Responsibility against the state to adhere with the requirements of the legislation;

c)     Responsibility against each customer for carrying out the duties undertaken by the bank and for service quality;

d)    Responsibility against shareholders for achieving strategic targets, capital protection and increasing profitability;

e)     Responsibility for achieving common targets within the team.

 II Transparency 

We act honestly and transparently against all stakeholders by adhering with the requirements of the legislation and protecting commercial interests:

a)    We disclose non-confidential information to the public;

b)    We provide true and complete information about our organization and services to our customers and partners;

c)     We act sincerely in the team (with our managers and staff).

 III Teamwork

Team work and the spirit of the team are the values uniting us for the implementation of the bank strategy, improving flexibility and adaptation, also creating a positive working environment:

a)    Each member of our team helps his/her colleagues to reach our common targets irrespective of the divisions;

b)    We support the idea that our internal customers must be treated carefully;

c)     We build our relations with our colleagues and management on the basis of a mutual respect, appreciate each other's positive sides and support our colleagues in any problem;

d)    We support a positive business-like working environment built on the principles of trust, self-exactingness and exation to others, constructive critisism and tolerance to critisism.

 IV Customer-orientation

We aim at providing high quality services to our customers:

a)    We aim to improve the quality of our services;

b)    We use customer-centered focus in our activities and tailor our services and products to customer requirements by adhering with the legislaton and risk management regulations irrespective of the division we work;

c)     We satisfy our customers by satisfying our personnel;

d)    We maintain close relations with our customers and treat carefully any inquiries received by us.

 V  Goal orientation

The main criteria of our activity is a result:

a)    We reach our targets and optimize this by protecting our values;

b)    We focus on the result not on the process, we support result orientation not process orientation in our colleagues;

c)     We continuously share our targets with our team and promote the ways of reaching such targets;

d)    We manage time properly to reach our targets.

 VI Sustainable development

a)    We work for long-term success not for short-term success;

b)    We aim at balanced development;

c)     We study innovations and apply in our work;

d)    We treat mistakes of our employees as a capacity to fail and learn and we support initiativeness in them.



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