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Tariffs for connection of POS Terminals and E-Commerce

  • Use of POS-terminal for trade and service enterprise

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    Intangible operations reduce the need for collection services

    Invalid calculation facilitates the work of cashiers and prevents erroneous calculations

    Indiscriminate calculation is more convenient, there is no need to round the amount to pay, and the amount is calculated accurately.

    It is not necessary to replace large banknotes on small ones to return the remaining amount to the buyer.

  • Terms of installation of POS-terminal

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    • Opening an account in Rabitabank on behalf of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur

    • Application for installation of POS-terminal

    • Tax certificate of the owner of the object, which will be located at the POS-terminal

    • A copy of the certificate of registration of the object, which will be located in the POS-terminal, in the tax authorities.

    • If the object on which the POS-terminal is located is leased, then the speed of termination of the lease agreement

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