Rabitabank offers Bizkart product for legal / physical persons, allowing them to use their banking services in convenient and confidential conditions!


Business cards Masterсard Kartmanebiz and Visa Kartmanebiz can be used both in Azerbaijan and abroad.


An employee of an enterprise that owns corporate cards can use other benefits of cards in Azerbaijan, as well as about 200 countries around the world.




VISA / Masterсard  Entrepreneur

(Kartmanebiz )

VISA / Masterсard  Corporative

(Kartmanebiz )

1 year



2 year

15 AZN  10 USD/EUR

15 AZN  10 USD/EUR

3 year

20 AZN  15 USD/EUR

20 AZN  15 USD/EUR


What to do with these cards:

 - Withdrawal of cash cards through about 900,000 ATMs and banks around the world;
 - To provide free payment for goods and services in shops, hotels, restaurants, tourist and other places of trade and services in Azerbaijan and in about 200 countries of the world (commission with the holder of the card is not charged);
 - To make non-cash payments, to withdraw cash in another currency (mainly in the currency of the country of profit);
 - Pay for cellular services and utility card services;
 - Thanks to the high level of protection of plastic cards, their use is more reliable than the use of cash.


One of the important benefits of the card is that when going to the border it is not necessary to declare the means on the card, and thus the means on the card cross the border without restrictions.


* Note : Use of Kartmanebiz cards on Internet sites and in POS-terminals, where games Azart / Bet (Unique) are held, is prohibited.

** Note : Card to Card transactions with the Kartmanebiz are not allowed.

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