Corporate Cards

Business cards (Corporate Plastic Cards)


 MasterCard Business cards may be used both within Azerbaijan and abroad.


An employee of a company holding corporate cards may take advantages of teh card in Azerbaijan and about 200 countries as well. By using this card one may:


  • extract the funds being in balance of the card in the form of cash in more than 900 000 ATM and banks of the world;
  • make non-cash payments for the services rendered by shops, hotels, restaurants, tourism and other trade and service companies in Azerbaijan and about 200 countries of the world (commission fee will not be deducted from card holder in this case);
  • make non- cash payments and extract cash in any other currency (mostly in the currency used in the country visited);
  • make payment to mobile phone operators and for public services.

Plastic cards are more reliable than cash, since they are highly protected. One of the important advantages of the cards is that funds in balance of card is not demanded to be disclosed while going abroad, thus no limit is applied in funds being in balance of card when card holder leaves the country. 


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