Salary Cards


Cirrus/Maestro cards are suggested as salary cards by Rabitabank. Cirrus/Maestro is the most comfortable type of plastic cards from the point of view of obtaining and utilization. Card owners will be able to get cash through ATMs and PoS terminals and do shopping in trade and service centers across the world.

Why salary cards are useful for companies?

  •   Company will be free of a range of problems related to work with cash, especially in larger amounts by paying salary through cards;
  •   Time, labor force and expenses are saved in the result of eliminating the problems such as transportation, calculation and distribution of cash;
  •   All payments regarding business trips of employees within the country and abroad are made through Special Card Account. Extracts from accounts allow them   to have control of employees’ expenditures during the trip;
  •   The matter regarding confidentiality of employees’ salaries is automatically settled.

Rabitabank considers possible installation of ATMs in the territory of the company with which it’s cooperating, in order to provide immediate access of the employees of the company to cash.

Why salary cards are useful for employees?

  •   Employees are able to get their salaries from numerous ATMs in the country at any time without being incurred any additional expenses;
  •   Employees of the company may use their international plastic cards and extract their salaries in any country of the world;
  •   Besides, card holders may get cash at any branch of Rabitabank;
  •   Card holders will be free of necessity of declaring their cash at customs bodies and converting them in the country that they visit while travelling with their cards;
  •   Employees of the company will be able to make payment for public services and subscription fees for mobile communication through ATMs network by the   help of salary cards;
  •   Additionally, employees of the company may make payment for services and products at more than 200 trade and service companies of the country by using their cards;
  •   Employees of the company will get the opportunity to control their expenses and plan their budget by converting into cash only funds that are necessary for them to cover their current expenses and keeping the funds in their card accounts or transferring to deposit or other accounts;
  •   Employees of the company may convert their funds into cash either in AZN or USD and this will exempt them from the necessity of applying to exchange points and thus decrease the risk of getting false banknotes.

What to do in order to take part in the salary project?

  •     Company concludes a contract with Rabitabank on issuance of salary plastic cards;
  •     Settlement account is opened in the bank for the company for calculation of salaries (if there is not such kind of account);
  •     The company submits special application completed by mentioning passport details of the employees to the bank;
  •     The bank opens settlement account (Special Card Account) on the name of each employee of the company and issues plastic cards;
  •     Value of the salary plastic cards is paid by the company.

How salaries are calculated to accounts of the employees?

  •     Company submits transfer order to the bank by mentioning amounts to be transferred to the employees’ accounts one day before the payment date and pays commission fee established by the contract for converting into cash, to the bank; 
  •     The bank transfers amounts mentioned in the transfer order to the employees’ accounts.

Salary cards are differed by nothing from other plastic cards individually obtained by clients of the bank and allow taking advantages of other bank products and services specially designed for plastic card holders. 

Employees will lose nothing since annual service fee for the salary cards and commission fees for converting into cash through ATMs are paid by the company. Employees will be able to timely get their salaries without any obstacle, delay and turns before cash desks. Annual service fees for cards are fixed by a contract between the bank and company.





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