Human resources

Rabitabank invests in the professional development of employees, creating a competitive working environment.

  • 1

    Transparency - disclosure of remuneration policy and principles to employees, as well as to the public (in the manner stipulated by the legislation)

  • 2

    Compliance - compliance of the remuneration system with the labour market level

  • 3

    Efficiency - adequate profit of expenses aimed at remuneration for the bank

  • 4

    Balancing - the validity of all types of remuneration and their supportedness by the results

  • 5

    Fairness - fair payment of the employee’s labour with an objective assessment, if possible, on the basis of accurately measured criteria. Non-discrimination in determination of their payments

  • 6

    Adequacy - Adequacy to the Bank’s capital, best international practices and the Bank’s strategy

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