Kartmane opens following possibilities:

  • Minimal amount - 100 AZN/USD
  • Money in the account can be increased at any time and for any sum. It can be made without coming to bank by transfering of means from a card to card (Card-to-Card) at any time using ATM and also through  free Internet-banking service
  • Commission fee charged for account income (excluding Cash income) is 1%, minimum 1 AZN
  • Maximum card balance (for one or several cards totally) for one client is AZN /USD 100 000.
  • In case any amount, transferred to cardmane account from any city of the country, is withdrawn from the account within 5 banking days, not taking into account the day of transfer, 1% commission fee will be withheld from AZN /USD 1000 or more withdrawn from the account.    

Percent charge on your means depends on duration of their stay on the account:

In order to make deposit you need to have at least 100 AZN/USD in your balance

Currency 1-3 months
3-6 months 6-9 months 9-12 months 12-24 months
AZN 2% 3% 4% 5% 6%
USD 0,5% 0,5% 0,5% 1% 1%

  • Accumulated interest daily added to the basic sum of the deposit and are capitalized (is charged the percent for percent) and you can know at any time about the rest of Your account by using ATM and also through  free Internet-banking service.
  • In case of drawimg out money, you can simply cash all sum with percent using ATM without deduction of any commissions or use your card of Kartmane for payment in any country of the world or through the Internet.
  • Reception of an additional plastic card for the third person, attached  to your deposit Kartmane .
  • For starting to save money by Kartmane, You only need to come to Rabitabank and receive a free plastic card of Kartmane.

Cardmane deposits are insured.



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