Vacation loan

“Travel on vacation and pay upon the return!” – Rabitabank offers the opportunity to travel!

Rabitabank offers the opportunity to travel and discover new countries, and have a great vacation this summer.

The vacation loan may be taken in the amount of up to 10 000 AZN at 22% interest rate irrespective of the term. The main advantages of the loan are 2 month concession for the payment of the principal and interest amounts, and 0% currency conversion Master Card Standard card given as a gift. To take the vacation loan, ID, certificate of employment, copy of the foreign passport and other documents are required.

You do not need to come to the bank to get the loan. To make it easy for you, Rabitabank offers the first in the country bot – RabitabankBot. By using this bot, you can enter via telegram or facebook messenger, order the loan and upon the completion of 2 months, make payment using online channels. 

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