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Head Office: Azerbaijan,
Baku , AZ 1010, 
28 May str. 33
Phone: (994 12) 598 44 88
Fax : (994 12) 497 11 01
Telex: 142453 RSKBAI

Regional money transfer

Who can use a method of regional remittances?

Any physical person can carry out remittances.

How to transfer money through regional transfers?

For transfering money using regional remittances you should apply to any of branches of our bank
and sign special application form and payment application  by presenting your  identity card.

How to receive money sent by method of regional remittances?

The person, on whose name money is transmitted, should apply  in any of branches of our bank
and take away the money translated on his name  just by presenting identity card and signing a
special application form.

Advantages of remittances:

  • Transfer is carried out within several minutes.
  • For performance of transfer there is no necessity to open the account neither for the sender,
    nor for the addressee.
  • Expenses for  transfer are minimum
301-500 AZN/USD 2 AZN/USD
501-1000 AZN/USD 3 AZN/USD
1001-2000 AZN/USD 7 AZN/USD
2001-3000 AZN/USD 10 AZN/USD
3001-4000 AZN/USD 15 AZN/USD
4001-6000 AZN/USD 20 AZN/USD
6001-11000 AZN/USD 25 AZN/USD
11000 > AZN/USD 0.20% AZN/USD

With Emanat terminal:      

1-300                    AZN            2                     
301-500 AZN 3
501-1000 AZN 5
1001-2000 AZN 10

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