How to earn 5% Cashback in Cafes and Restaurants?

Market 5% and Restaurants 5% - If the monthly turnover is AZN 800,000, cash back applied to the amounts spent in restaurants at the same time as the 5% cash back earned in markets. In order to earn bonuses for spending in Market and Restaurant networks, transactions in the amount of at least AZN 150 must be in Circulation exceptions, Restaurant, YDM and Market in other places.

For example, if you spent 200 AZN on supermarket shopping, 150 AZN on YDM, 250 AZN on airline tickets and 300 AZN on restaurants during the month, the cashback you earned from YDMs at the end of the month is 15 AZN (10% of 150 manats), and the cashback you earned from restaurants is 15 It will be in the form of AZN (5% of AZN 300).

How can I join the 3D security service?

3D service is automatically activated when the card is opened on all Rabitabank cards.

Can I make a card-to-card transaction with the card of a foreign bank using a Rabitabank card?

Yes. Card-to-card operation is possible from a Rabitabank card to a foreign card.

How much service fee is charged when withdrawing money from ATMs with Kartmane cards?

5 transactions per month are free at any ATM in the country. Additional fees are calculated according to the current tariff schedule. Details: Tariff schedule

How can I change the pin code of the card?

You can take advantage of our services by entering the security section of Rabita Mobile (App), using the PIN settings menu, or approaching the branches and departments of our bank.

How can I order a Kartmane card?

Kartmane can be ordered online through the bank's Mobile application, E-manat terminal, Telegram and Facebook messenger through RabitaBot, Internet Banking service, website or by approaching 25 service points of the bank.

What is the cost of a Kartmane Debet card and is it free?

Kartmane Debit card is free if you pay an annual service fee of 10 manats (6 USD/EUR) or make an initial deposit of at least 500 AZN/USD/EUR at Baku and Sumgait city branches, and 200 AZN/USD/EUR at regional branches. At the end of each day of the 1 calendar month prior to the month in which the service fee is charged for the following years, the balance in the Kartmane account must be at least 500 AZN/USD/EUR or an annual turnover of 3000 AZN/USD/EUR (funds received into the account are not taken into account and non-cash retail and e-com turnover is taken into account is received) and in case of excess, the service fee for the next year is not charged.

How long and in what form are my cashbacks transferred to my card through Kartmane?

Cashback bonuses will be calculated on the last working day of the month and will be transferred to the bonus account in the form of points from the next month, but in any case not later than the 3rd working day of the following month, you can convert the points into money (for Cashback 1, Cashback 2, Cashback 3 packages).
Change the points calculated for Cashback 4 package to Azercell talk/Internet package. Exchange the miles calculated on the Cashback 5 package for airline ticket, hotel and rent a car payments.

How to earn 10% Cashback on Petrol stations?

PS 10% Cashback - applies to the sums spent in PS of that turnover if the total card turnover is at least 800 AZN per month. In order to earn bonuses for spending in PS networks, transactions in the amount of at least 400 AZN must be Circulation exceptions and PS elsewhere. ATM cash, Pos Cash and Card to Card, loan payments, transport (except air tickets), Communications, betting games, government and utility, Quasi Cash payments are not taken into account.

For example, if you spent 350 AZN on shopping in supermarkets, 150 AZN on YDMs, and 350 AZN on air tickets during the month, you will earn 15 AZN cashback at the end of the month (10% of 150 manats).

*PS - Petrol Station