In this section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Can I make Card to Card transactions from a foreign bank card via a Rabitabank card?
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    Yes, our new service has already been launched, and Card to Card transactions are possible from a Rabitabank card to foreign bank cards.

  • Why 3% commission is applied to Ruble income in fast money transfer transactions?
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    Because there is not any freely convertible currency according to the internal rules of the bank.

  • Will I be charged a service fee when I withdraw the amount I transferred to my Kartmane card via the Zolotaya Korona system?
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    No additional service fee is charged.

  • Will there be a commission from the person who will take the money when I send money via fast money transfers?
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    No commission is charged from the person who withdraws the money sent when sending money via fast money transfer system.

  • Can I transfer FMT transfers to my card without coming to the bank?
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  • Is it possible to make fast money transfers through ATM and E-manat?
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    It is possible to make money transfers through E-manat payment terminals with Barat money transfer system available in Rabitabank OJSC.

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