Child savings deposit

Earn interests on the interests with Child Savings deposit and build your child’s future with a rapidly increasing amount!


Minimum Deposit Amount

100 AZN / USD


Up to 216 months

Payment of interest

At the end of the period


In accordance with the rules of the Fund (ADIF)

Calculation of interest

Accrued interest is added to the principal amount once a year and interest is accrued on the added amount

If you want to financially insure your child's future and provide financial support for him to start a young life, take advantage of Rabitabank's Children's Savings Deposit product. Familiarize yourself with the terms, apply now to open a deposit account, and our staff will contact you!

Deposit Increase: Possible
Deposit Term: 18 years
Required documents: Identification document, child's birth certificate
Insured deposit: It is a part of the protected deposit (funds in the bank account) that is compensated by the Fund in the amount specified by the Law "On Insurance of Deposits" in the event of an insurance event at the participating bank providing services to the depositor.

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