Your safety is protected!

Rabitabank cares about your security and offers ways to protect yourself from risks.

How do you protect security of your card?

What is phishing and how to protect yourself from it?

It means fishing. Users are deceived and their personal data are stolen through this method. A hacker directs you to enter any same, but fake site or other resources in various ways and control all your transactions. Here there would be your bank credit card parameters, ID number, e-mail address and other information.

How to avoid from threats?

In order to avoid from threats we recommend you to suspect any site directed to you and inquiries that require to enter bank credit card, bank account and such other confidential data on that site, and to get information from a reliable source.

Card security

  • Secure protection of your card is crucial for both us and you.
  • To protect such security sign on the back of your card while taking your card from the bank, don’t specify your PIN code on your card, don’t share CVV/CVC code of the card with outsiders
  • ensure that 3D Secure service is active in your card, don’t save your card data in the browser’s history.
  • You can get information on “Security rules while using plastic cards” provided by our bank from the link below.

Mobile application security

Rabita Mobile application is protected through state-of-the-art technology. The system created by us in the mobile application considering your security provides your reliable protection in the high level. During the protection of the mobile application, we use SMS notifications, PIN codes and security certificates.


Internet Banking security

To protect the security of internet banking service connection to the system is implemented in 2 ways. Connection using one-time passwords through SMS and via one-time passwords obtained from ATM. Avoid to use weak passwords like “123456”, “qwerty”, “password”, etc. Such passwords are easily guessed.


Protection against fake websites and applications

In the era of rapid technology development fraud on websites and applications is being common. Various tools are offered to avoid from such cases. The most well-known way against the website fraud is to check whether the site has been certified or not for security. The website with security certificates is marked with a lock icon on the search panel of the browser.


Credit and debit card fraud

Rabitabank always strives for your high level security. We use “3D secure”, SMS Notification, E-PIN functions and, of course, security certificates provided by international card associations like “Mastercard” and “Visa” for maximum protection of cards’ safety level.


What to consider for more security?

Protect your personal data

It will prevent your card from being managed by outsiders. For this purpose you can use PIN codes and our bank’s security services.

Protect your computer’s security

Prevent unknown data on your computer, don’t use officially uncertified or “cracked” software.

Protection against fake e-mails

The best practice to protect your e-mail against fakers is to activate 2-step confirmation function of your e-mail to enter an account while entering that e-mail.