How much is the service fee charged for money withdrawal at ATMs with Kartmane?

You get five free transactions at any ATM in the country during each month. Money withdrawal in excess of five transactions is charged in accordance with the following tariff table: https://rbt.az/tarif

How much cashback do you receive with Kartmane?

Kartmane gives you up to 10% cashback at all fuel stations around the world, up to 5% cashback at all cafes and restaurants, and up to 40% cashback in the partner network. For detailed information: https://rbt.az/keshbek

What payments give you cashback?

For detailed information: https://rbt.az/keshbek


When is the cashback amount transferred to the card?

Cashback bonuses are calculated on the last working day of the month and added to the bonus account for the following month; in any case, this will not be later than the third working day of the following month. Cashback bonuses are transferred as points. You may convert the points into money for the Cashback 1, Cashback 2, and Cashback 3 packages. You may exchange the points earned from the Cashback 4 package with Azercell call minutes or internet package. You may exchange the miles earned on Cashback 5 package with flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and rental car payments.

What is the service fee for card-to-card payments between Rabitabank cards via the mobile application?

Money transfer from debit cards is free of charge, with a 1% minimum. A 1 AZN/USD/EUR service fee is charged for card-to-card payments made with cards with a credit line.

Is card-to-card transaction to a card in a foreign country with Rabitabank card possible?

Yes. Card-to-card transactions are only possible to the countries specified in Rabita Mobile.

Note: It is possible to transfer to the international payment systems of Visa and MasterCard cards. 

Is there a limit to withdrawals (cashing)?

You may view the limits in the following link: https://rbt.az/tarif

Is it possible to convert the bonuses earned from cashback into money?

Yes. It is possible to convert the points in the Bonuses section of the mobile application into money.

When is the deposit amount transferred to the Kartmane account?

Interest is calculated on the balance to the end of the day and transferred to Your card on the last working day of the month. In Kartmane cards interest is calculated on min. 100 AZN/USD, max. 10000 AZN/USD balance amount and in Premium-type Kartmanes, interest is calculated based on a minimum of 100 AZN/USD and a maximum of 50,000 AZN/USD balance amount.

Is it possible to use the Kartmane card with AZN currency in a foreign country?

Yes, this is possible.

How can I get the balance amount on the account after the expiration of the Kartmane card?

You should come to the bank to get the balance amount on the account after the Kartmane card expires.

Is it possible to carry out operations of Rabitabank through MilliÖn, E-manat and other online channels?

Yes, it is possible.

Is there a limit applied to the income of physical persons to their debit cards and current accounts through E-manat, MilliÖn and other online channels?

Yes, a limit applies. One transaction limit - 5,000 AZN equivalent, Max transaction limit - 14,999 AZN equivalent.

Is a limit applied to foreign currency accounts (current account, debit card) through terminal and online channels during non-working hours and non-working days?

Yes, it does apply.

The limit applied to accounts (current and debit card) in USD and EUR currencies during non-business hours:

  • In USD currency - 500 USD eq
  • In EUR currency - 250 EUR eq

Deposit limits applicable to foreign currency debit cards and current accounts on non-business days:

  • For USD currency cards and current accounts (total) – 500 USD eq.
  • For EUR currency cards and current accounts (total) – 250 EUR eq.

The total of foreign currency debit card and current account receipts on consecutive non-business days:

  • USD currency cards and current accounts - 1000 USD eq
  • EUR currency cards and current accounts - 500 EUR eq

Total income made by the customer to accounts in foreign currency (current and debit card) during working hours, non-working hours, non-working days through terminals and online channels:

  • Maximum in USD currency - 3000 USD eq
  • Maximum in EUR currency - 1500 EUR eq

Note: The above-mentioned income limits apply to all partner terminal and online channel networks with which the bank cooperates.

Is a service fee applied to AZN currency debit cards and current account deposits through E-manat and Milliön terminals?

Yes, it does apply. Depositing up to AZN 5,000 per month to AZN currency debit cards and current accounts by individuals through E-manat and Milliön terminals is commission-free, and when you deposit more than AZN 5,000, a 0.3% commission fee will be charged.

What channels can be used for credit card payment?

You can use the following methods to make your loan payments on time: E-manat, InternetBank, Mobile app, you can make the payment by going to the Online Loan Payment page ⏎. Credit payment destination must be selected when used.

Note: Card to Card method is not recommended for credit debt repayment.