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Western Union

Western Union money transfer system allows you to transfer your money to CIS countries, including far foreign and neighboring countries.

Western Union

Advantages of Western Union:

  • You can effortlessly transfer money to 189 countries
  • You will not need to open a bank account to carry out the transfer
  • The recipient will be able to receive the funds 5-10 minutes after the transfer
  • The recipient will not pay any money to receive it

To send money, you must do the followings:

  • Present your identity document to the bank employee
  • Fill in the standard “Send money” form. After filling in the form, you must sign it and present it to the bank employee with your identity document.
  • Then you have to give the amount you plan to send to the recipient to the cashier and pay a commission fee for the transfer (the commission is determined in accordance with the existing Tariffs).
  • After posting your information, the bank employee will give you a special ten-digit control number. You must provide that number to the person to whom you send the money. For more security, when sending money you can ask a control question, indicating the answer. If the control question is answered correctly, the money you send will be given to the recipient.

Additional services:

  • Information with the transfer (not more than 20 words). Along with the transfer, you can also write a short message in Latin font in the relevant section of the form and send it
  • Notification by phone (available for some countries). If you are the sender, you can indicate the recipient’s phone number with the city code, as well as the name of the city/state/province in which the recipient lives. Within one hour after the transfer is made, the bank’s representative will inform the recipient about the transfer, as well as the address where the money can be received. If the recipient is not available, a Western Union representative will call him/her within two days (three times a day).
  • Delivery of the transferred money to the recipient’s address (available for some countries). The transfer can be delivered to the recipient in the form of a check that can then be used as a means of payment.

Special terms:

  • Money transfers are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Rules on currency transactions for residents and non-residents in the Republic of Azerbaijan)
  • When a transfer of more than 1000 USD is formalised, the bank shall open a current account in your name
  • To receive money, you need to do the following: Present your identity document and fill in the standard “To receive money” form and confirm it with your personal signature