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Good news for Android users: Google Pay is now available for Rabitabank cards!
23 August, 2022

Good news for Android users: Google Pay is now available for Rabitabank cards!

From today, Rabitabank will add support for Google Pay service on both Android and WearOS devices for all its customers. Google Pay allows people to pay and make secure purchases in stores (where contactless payments are accepted), in apps, and on the web.
The era of physical payment cards is over! Customers of the bank will enjoy the benefits of contactless payment through a mobile device.
Security and privacy are the key benefits of Google Pay and Google Wallet  that make payments safer with multiple layers of security. It is enough to see the contactless payment sign wherever you want to pay, so that you can complete the payment by bringing your electronic device close to the POS-terminal. To use Google Pay, download the Google Wallet app on your electronic device, press the + (plus) sign in the next step and add your Rabitabank credit or debit card according to the instructions there.
In addition, customers can make convenient and instant purchases with Google Pay in apps installed on Android phones,  Wear OS devices or on websites opened in web browsers. So there is no need to manually add your card number every time you want to pay online or in the app.  
Note that to use Google Wallet, it is enough to have Android 6.0 and above update on the phone. Customers, who have joined the Google Pay family will continue to benefit from the cashback bonus and discounts offered by Rabitabank to its card users as usual.
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