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What is "Google Pay", how does it work and how to use it?

Currently, more than half of trade transactions in developed countries are carried out electronically. The expansion of information technology and e-commerce operations is making cash payments increasingly obsolete. Recently, the wide spread of electronic commerce in our country has made it possible for electronic payments to gradually take more place in our lives. One of these technologies is electronic wallet (EW). An electronic wallet is an electronic form of physical cash available on smartphones, tablets and NFC-enabled devices. With EW, you can make all your payments with just one touch.
Currently, there are 3 electronic wallet services that are most used in European countries: Google Pay, Apple Pay and Paypal. In particular, it should be noted that the electronic wallet market in European countries is on the rise and is predicted to reach $708 billion in 2025.
What is Google Pay?
GPAY is an electronic payment and electronic wallet service provided by Google Pay™ and is currently active for Rabitabank customers. Google Pay provides Android users with all the necessary conditions to benefit from fast and contactless payments. This payment system, which touches the daily lives of customers with a convenient solution, is beginning to have an increasingly large number of users. The e-wallet industry is expected to exceed $80 billion by 2026, and these figures include Google Pay transactions. Furthermore, if e-wallets continue to grow in popularity among both the younger and older generations, this number could be much higher than estimated.
What are the interesting features and benefits of Google Pay?
  • Currently, Google Pay is one of the leading electronic payment methods;
  • There are more than one million websites worldwide that accept Google Pay payments, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years;
  • Information about cards added to Google Pay is not shared with third parties, and the security of payments is fully ensured;
  • No service fee is charged when adding bank cards to Google Pay;
  • Google Pay was first launched in 2011, and during this time it has gained a fairly loyal customer base in the United States, Russia, and many European countries.
How to pay with Google Pay?
You can make contactless payments with your Android and Wear OS device anywhere Google Pay is available. Just bring the device closer to the terminal and wait for payment confirmation. In particular, it is important to have the NFC function enabled on Android devices to make contactless payments.
Does Rabitabank support Google Pay?
Rabitabank supports Google Pay service and Rabitabank customers can easily use Google Pay service.Do not forget that electronic wallets can become a reliable and faithful assistant in your life! To join the Google Pay family: