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Rabitabank invests in the professional development of employees, creating a competitive working environment.

Supervisory Board arrow_drop_down arrow_drop_up

  • Zakir Nuriyev
    Zakir Nuriyev

    Chairperson of the Supervisory Board

  • Aslan Khasiyev
    Aslan Khasiyev

    Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Rauf Aliyev
    Rauf Aliyev

    Member of the Supervisory Board

Audit Committee arrow_drop_down arrow_drop_up

  • Rashad Abasov
    Rashad Abasov

    Chairperson of the Audit Committee

  • Yasin Aliyev
    Yasin Aliyev

    Member of the Audit Committee

  • Hasan Mustafayev
    Hasan Mustafayev

    Member of the Audit Committee

Management Board arrow_drop_down arrow_drop_up

  • Dr. Aydın Huseynov
    Dr. Aydın Huseynov

    Chairman of the Management Board

  • Orhan Gultekin
    Orhan Gultekin

    First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Member of the Management Board (Chief Sales Administrator)

  • Ramil Nasibov
    Ramil Nasibov

    General Director, Member of the Management Board (Chief Technology Officer)

  • Samir Rzayev
    Samir Rzayev

    General Director, Member of the Management Board (Chief Financial Officer)

Senior Directors arrow_drop_down arrow_drop_up

  • Seyran Nuriyev
    Seyran Nuriyev

    General Director

  • Ziya Nuriyev
    Ziya Nuriyev

    General Director

Department Directors arrow_drop_down arrow_drop_up

  • Samad Aliyev
    Samad Aliyev

    Internal Audit Department

  • Fakhri Baghiyev
    Fakhri Baghiyev

    Retail Credits Department

  • Orkhan Salayev
    Orkhan Salayev

    Marketing Department

  • Mursal Badalov
    Mursal Badalov

    Legal Department

  • Ramin Abbasov
    Ramin Abbasov

    Risk Management Department

  • Shami Aliyev
    Shami Aliyev

    Service Quality Control Department

  • Anar Tagiyev
    Anar Tagiyev

    Department of Financial Management

  • Huseyn Baghirli
    Huseyn Baghirli

    Business Banking Department

  • Anar Yadigarov
    Anar Yadigarov

    Sales Support Department

  • Emin Karimov
    Emin Karimov

    Customer Service Department

  • Rovshan Nasirov
    Rovshan Nasirov

    Settlements Department

  • Rovshan Adigozalov
    Rovshan Adigozalov

    Infrastructure and Procurement Department

  • Fuad Malikov
    Fuad Malikov

    Information Security Department

  • Parpura Pavel
    Parpura Pavel

    Digital Systems Development Department

  • Rustam Ismailov
    Rustam Ismailov

    Banking Programs Department

  • Zamig Madatov
    Zamig Madatov

    Microcredit Department

  • Elnur Abasov
    Elnur Abasov

    Problem Loans Department

  • Kamala Jafarova
    Kamala Jafarova

    Card Operations Department

  • Tamerlan Qasımov
    Tamerlan Qasımov

    Regional Director

  • Sirac Hаydarov
    Sirac Hаydarov

    Regional Director

  • Rauf Tukanov
    Rauf Tukanov

    IT Coordination and Analytics Division

  • Elvin Mammadov
    Elvin Mammadov

    Financial Monitoring Department

  • Fuad Akhundov
    Fuad Akhundov

    Security Division

  • Mazahir Mammadov
    Mazahir Mammadov

    Organizational Division

  • İrana Huseynova
    İrana Huseynova

    Consumer Affairs Division

  • Farida Gasimzada
    Farida Gasimzada

    Chief Accountant

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