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Special loan offer

İllik cəmi 12%-dən başlayan sərfəli şərtlərlə!

Special loan offer from Rabitabank!

Insure yourself with our new "Campaign"! Cash loan starting from 12%, with 0% commission offer!

The campaign is valid till 13.10.2023.

Get your credit:

  • Through the Rabita Mobile app
  • via messenger or telegram RabitaBot chatbot
  • through the official website -
  • By sending the word “Kredit” to number 4133
  • By calling number 133

Other loans

Cash loan
  • Period48 month
  • Annual interest rate11.3%
Cash loan
Сampaign for Lombard credits
  • Period36 months
  • CurrencyAZN
Сampaign for Lombard credits