F.A.Q - Other services

What is conversion?

Conversion means the exchange of any currency to another currency according to the daily rate.

What are the conditions for card-to-card transactions?

Card-to-card transactions are regulated in accordance with the tariff table for card transactions: https://rbt.az/tarif

After getting the card with an initial amount of 10 ANZ or 500 AZN, it is used for a one-year period. Is information provided to customers via SMS upon the expiration of this one-year period?

Yes, this information is provided.

What is the maximum amount for a one-time withdrawal from ATMs and POS terminals of other banks?

This transaction is regulated by the internal procedures of the other bank and the risk limits applied by our bank. For detailed information, see the limits: https://rbt.az/tarif 

Is a service fee charged for exchanges in card-to-card transactions from one currency to another?

Yes, a fee is charged. For detailed information: https://rbt.az/tarif

What is the maximum amount for one-time withdrawal from ATM?

For detailed information, see the https://rbt.az/tarif