F.A.Q - Deposits

What are the conditions for the early withdrawal of deposits?

You may get information from the following links: 

On "Universal" deposit

On "Child savings" deposit

Do you offer savings deposits at the bank?

Yes. At present we offer a "Child savings" deposit in addition to the Kartmane Savings Product.

Is it possible to add amounts to the “Universal” deposit?

According to the conditions of the “Universal” deposit, it is not possible to add to the amount deposited by you.

What are the insurance conditions of existing deposits?

They are regulated by the current legislation. You may get information on the following link: https://www.adif.az.

Is it possible to use the gift card as a debit card in order to withdraw deposit interest?

It is possible to use the Kartmane card as a debit card.

Can the Kartmane card be given as a gift in order to get deposit interest?

The Kartmane card is given as a gift to all customers in order to get deposit interest both monthly and quarterly way.

What documents are needed to make a child deposit?

The birth certificate (ID card) of a child for whom the deposit is being made and the ID card of the parent who makes the deposit are both needed in order to place a “Child savings” deposit at Rabitabank. For detailed information: https://www.rabitabank.com/usaqemaneti.