Anipay payments for those who know the value of every moment!

Now, Rabitabank customers will be able to easily send funds and receive funds through Internet Banking. The procedure is very easy and fast, and no documents are required!

The main function of the Instant Payments System (IPS) is that payment services are available to individuals and legal entities anywhere, anytime, and full settlement of transactions can be completed in seconds 24/7. Authentication, authorization, clearing and settlement of operations carried out in the system are carried out in real mode in a single transaction format.

Transactions in the AES are carried out in the national currency (Azerbaijani Manat - AZN). If the customer's account is in any currency other than the national currency, the payment banks perform the conversion according to the exchange rate of the day. A limit of 40,000 manats is set for each payment transaction in the system, excluding budget payments.