Micro Credit

Let's complete the immediate needs of your small business with our affordable micro-credit!

Micro Credit
The target audience Entrepreneurs working in industry, manufacturing, services, trade, construction, transport, fishing and agriculture
Purpose of the loan Any area that complies with the bank's rules of procedure
Market experience  Minimum 6 months in the field
Amount 300 - 30,000 manat 
Currency AZN


3 - 36 months
Grace period 6 - 12 months (grace period for loans from local and foreign funds may be in accordance with the procedural requirements of the fund)
Payment form Annuity schedule
Interest rate 22% -26% per annum (1% discount for each repeated application)
Pledge guarantee gold jewelry, movable and immovable property
Age limit 20 - 65 (the last loan maturity should not exceed 65 years)
Commission 1% FIFD from 22.7% 1% discount for every repeat application
Note Depending on the amount, a lawsuit may be brought against a family member of the client, an individual entrepreneur or a person with formal income.

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