Warehouse Financing

A warehouse financing arrangement with goods or raw materials as collateral



Target Market

Legal entities and individuals involved in entrepreneurship, importing goods or raw materials from abroad to the country under an official contract, buying goods or raw materials from a supplier in the country, selling goods or raw materials under an official contract, and having the warehouse inventory


Warehouse financing, using imported goods or raw materials, goods or raw materials received from a supplier in the country, as well as available goods or raw materials as collateral

Market experience

Consistent and continuous activity for at least 12 months upon official registration

Limit of financing

Minimum 50,000 AZN, maximum up to the equivalent of 1,000,000 AZN 50 000 AZN




1-12 months

Grace Period

Maximum 0-6 months

Form of payment

Interest is accrued monthly, and the principal amount shall be paid equal to the cost of the product issued until the end of the term

Annual interest rate

  • From 50 001 to 250 000 AZN – 15-16% 
  • From 250 001 to 1 000 000 AZN – 14%
  • From 29 500 to 147 000 USD – 8-9%
  • From 147 001 to 590 000 USD – 6-7%

Effective annual interest rate: min. 14% – max. 17.9%


1% (one off)

Fee Collateral

  • Warehouse inventory, stock of goods/raw materials
  • Suretyship by the director and founder

 Binding instruments

  • Legal documents
  • Turnover report on all bank accounts
  • The contracts to be financed
  • Invoice(s) approved by the buyer company
  • Electronic invoice(s)
  • The contract(s) concluded between the buyer and the seller, in order to show the purchase history of goods and services
  • A report on the income tax return (along with Appendix No. 1) submitted to the tax authority for the last reporting year, if an applicant is a VAT payer
  • A report on the simplified tax return (along with Appendix No. 1) submitted to the tax authority for the last reporting year, if an applicant is a simplified tax payer
  • Other documents required by the bank following the rules for issuance of internal loans
Requirements for goods and raw materials
  • Not rotting
  • Not wearable
  • With no expiration date or a long shelf life
  • Without high risk of rapid loss in value
Product delivery

Delivery of goods / raw materials from abroad

  • Road transportation
  • Air transportation
  • Marine transportation
  • Railway transportation

Ordering and delivery of goods

  • Within 180 days (to be adjusted to the product and the country of manufacture)
  • If the product is delivered by a logistics company, it must be insured and its safety shall be ensured by the carrier until its delivery to the warehouse of the partner company leased by the bank in Baku.



Other loans

Micro Credit
  • Period3-36 months
  • Interest rate5%
Contract Financing
  • Period6 months
  • Interest rate14%