Tariff Packages

Take advantage of banking operations at a discount!


The model of subscription-based commission tariff is a product offered to the Bank customers who are individual entrepreneurs or legal entities in order to optimize their banking costs. When subscribing to the model of subscription-based commission tariff on a monthly or annual basis, a customer gets the opportunity to benefit from banking transactions free of charge and at a discounted rate within the established limits by paying the amount for the tariff in advance in accordance with the price of the selected package. The purpose of development of this product is to save customers’ money and time.

Joining the Service

The service are offered to all individual entrepreneur and legal entity customers by applying a Bank branch and signing the application form in accordance with a selected subscription package. They may also connect to the service by applying online from the relevant digital channel (s) to be provided by the Bank. The model of subscription-based commission tariff is offered under the titles ‘Economic’, ‘Standard’, ‘Optimal’ and ‘Prestige’.

Subscription Based Tariff Packages ✔