Revenue with E-manat Terminals

Another convenient banking solution for individuals and legal entities!

Entrepreneur Individuals / Legal Entities can deposit money to their accounts through E-manat Terminals in 3 directions:

Customer option

  • According to the submitted customer list: Revenue based on customer code

  • Legal entities / Entrepreneurs are intended for individuals, whose identification information is provided in advance by the Bank.

Representative option

  • Receipt based on the code assigned to the signature authorized representatives

  • By legal entities / Entrepreneurial individuals, the signature with the identification information provided in advance by the Bank is intended for authorized persons.

Another option

  • Revenue based on a specific code assigned to each IBA

  • Legal Entities / Entrepreneurs are intended to be credited to the accounts of individuals by any person.

Limits applied when using the service:

  • A natural person can deposit a maximum of AZN 14,999 per day to the bank account of an entrepreneur natural / legal entity through a payment terminal.
  • Receipt of AZN 30,000 per month through the payment terminal at the expense of the entrepreneur individual / legal entity will be carried out free of charge.
  • Payment terminal at the expense of an individual / legal entity will be charged 0.4% service fee for each income of more than 30,000 AZN per month. The service fee will be charged automatically during the transfer of funds to the account, and income over AZN 30,000 will be possible only if an additional agreement is signed between the customer and the bank.
  • Receipt through e-manat Terminals: TIN + Special code will be entered.