Settlement and Cash Operations

Rabitabank offers its customers a full range of services for settlement-cash operations in manat and foreign currency!

Tariff Schedule for services provided to legal entities

1. Opening the account

Opening a settlement account

  • AZN
10 AZN    
Opening a savings account Free
Opening a loan account Free
2. Issue of check book   10 AZN
3. Cash transactions

Issuance of funds transferred to the account without cash or transferred to the account in cash from the cash desk of another branch

  • AZN
  • EUR
0.6% min. 5 USD
0.6% min. 5 EUR

Cashing of the funds transferred to the account in cash from the cash desk of the branch where the account was opened within 1 year from the date of transfer*

*Service fee for cashing out after 1 year from the date of depositing the funds into the account 3.1. is charged according to clause

Cash deposit of funds to the account in Russian ruble currency 3%

Payment of deposit amount and accrued interest

*The service fee for the cashing of non-cash deposited funds to the savings account is charged in accordance with clause 3.1 of the tariff schedule

4. Cashless exchange transactions  0,3%
5. Transfers

5.1. Intra-bank transfers


5.2. Domestic transfers (manats)

0,12% min. 0.5 AZN max. 95 AZN

5.3. Domestic urgent transfers (manats)

Tariff + 0.05 %

5.4. Foreign and domestic currency transfers

·         USD

·         EUR

·         GBP

·         Other currencies


0.3% min. 25 USD maх. 400 USD

0.3% min. 25 EUR maх. 400 EUR

0,3% min. 30 GBP maks. 300 GBP

 0.3% min. 25 USD  maks. 400 USD

5.5. Changing, examining or canceling the details of an executed transfer

·         AZN

·         USD/EUR/GBP/Other currencies

For individual entrepreneurs

For legal entities



20 AZN


30 USD + correspondent expenses*

50 USD + correspondent expenses*


1. Additional costs charged by intermediary banks during transfers and receipts are charged by the client;

2. During international multi-currency settlements, the risk of exchange rate difference is borne by the client.

5.6. Transfers to the seller for the purchase of subsidized agricultural machinery financed through the Agrarian Credit and Development Agency


6. Documents, references and account statements

6.1. Confirmation of the account statement:

·         Issuance of preliminary (daily) statement

·         Issuance of circulation document on the account (for each copy)

·         Bank approval of printed statement through Internet/ Mobile Banking



10 AZN



6.2. Copying or duplicating documents


7. Letter of credit

7.1. Opening of letter of credit

0.3% min. 100 USD

7.2. Advance notice of letter of credit

0.1% min. 50 USD

7.3. Endorsement of letter of credit

0.1% min. 50 USD maks. 500 USD

7.4. Confirmation of letter of credit

Commission charged by correspondent bank(s). + 0.3%

7.5. Payment

0.3%  min.  20 USD max. 500 USD

7.6. Modification of terms (other than confirmation and increase in amount) or cancellation

50 USD

7.7. Increasing the amount of the letter of credit

0.2% min. 50 USD (of the increased amount)

7.8. Acceptance and verification of documents

0.1%  min. 50 USD  max. 1000 USD

7.9. Commission for differences in included documents

50 USD

7.10. Transfer of accreditation

0.1% min. 100 USD

7.11. Drafting of letter of credit

30 USD

8. Collection operations

8.1. Acceptance of documents for collection

0.3%  min. 50 USD

8.2. Delivery of documents against payment or acceptance (for both import and export transactions)

0.3%  min. 50 USD

8.3. Delivery of unpaid documents or return of unpaid documents

0.1%  min. 50 USD

8.4. Change of terms/cancellation of collection order

50 USD

9. Letters of Guarantee

Changing the condition of the domestic warranty

3% annual (min 50 azn)

If the amount or period is increased, an additional part according to the Tariff is charged.

All guarantees with full cash back

1,0% annual (min 50 AZN)

Foreign guarantees

3,0% annual (min 100 EUR/USD)

All guarantees with full cash back 1,0% annual (min 100 USD/EUR)
Notice of guarantee

0,1% (all at once)

min 100 - max 500 (AZN/USD/EUR)

Submitting a request (per request) 100 AZN/USD/EUR
Acceptance, verification and sending of the guarantee payment request from the bank 

0,1% (all at once)

min 100 AZN/USD/EUR

Postage costs

According to the tariffs of the postal organization (min 10 azn)

10. Credit operations

Legalization of loans to legal entities and entrepreneurial natural persons:

· <=50 000 AZN

· >50 001 AZN



Clearance of loans financed by funds

According to the procedure for using fund funds

Clearance of loans for the purchase of subsidized agricultural machinery financed by the Agrarian Credit and Development Agency


11. Additional services

Connection to Internet/Mobile banking service


SMS notification of the client on transactions carried out through current accounts: 

·         AZN

·         USD/EUR

·         GBP/RUB


monthly 1 AZN / annual 10 AZN

monthly 1 USD/EUR / annual 10 USD/EUR

monthly 1 USD / annual 10 USD