Card assignment
  • The farm card can only be used for non-cash purchases on the portal.
  • You can make non-cash payments up to AZN 500 per month at petrol stations with a farm card.
Payment term
  • Interest is monthly.
  • The interest-bearing amount(s) must be paid in full within 60 days from the date the interest accrues.
Terms of use of the card
  • Farmer card can only be used for non-cash transactions.
  • Card-to-card (C2C) transactions cannot be performed on the Farmer card.
  • A farmer's card is issued for business purposes and is allowed only for the payment of expenses related to agricultural activities, i.e., for the purchase of fixed equipment, auxiliary equipment and machinery, fuel, fertilizers, fodder, seeds and seedlings, as well as for the payment of agro maintenance expenses.
  • Transfers to bank accounts and credit payments cannot be made with the Farmer's card. Payments made by the customer under the same MCC code and outside the directions mentioned in clause 3 are considered as deviations, and if the total deviation exceeds 10% of the allocated limit, a one-time penalty interest of 3% of the deviation amount is calculated and paid.
Conditions for issuing a credit limit
  • The farmer card can be issued only in AZN currency, and a new account must be opened for the plastic card account.
  • All Farmer credit limit cards that do not comply with the terms of these rules can be issued only by the decision of BKK.
Other conditions
  • If the customer fails to fulfill the contractual obligations and deviates, the bank may demand early payment of the incurred credit debt, partially reduce the credit limit of the card, completely close or block the credit card, provided that the customer is given a verbal and written warning in advance. After the customer fully fulfills the contractual obligations, his credit limit is activated again based on mutual agreement.
  • In case of non-fulfillment of the contractual obligations by the client, after the end of the contract period (the card's expiration date), a penalty interest rate is calculated and paid by the client for the overdue debt amount.
  • Clients with a positive credit history 1 month before the expiry of the farmer card are informed in writing or verbally by the branch employee. In the case of the customer's intention, it is proposed to renew the Farm card for the next period based on the updated decision and contract, on the condition that the Farm card debt is fully closed.