Withdrawal of cash cards through about 900,000 ATMs and banks around the world;

To provide free payment for goods and services in shops, hotels, restaurants, tourist and other places of trade and services in Azerbaijan and in about 200 countries of the world (commission with the holder of the card is not charged)

To make non-cash payments, to withdraw cash in another currency (mainly in the currency of the country of profit)

Pay for cellular services and utility card services

Exim card is available only in AZN

Exim card is issued for business use and is allowed only for customs, tax and logistics payments that may arise during the import of products (s) into the country and the export of products from the country.

Exim card transfers and credit payments to bank accounts cannot be made.

Target audience  Resident individuals and legal entities importing products (s) to the Republic of Azerbaijan, engaged in entrepreneurial activities and having a positive credit history.
Repayment Interest monthly (with full payment by the end of the term)
Account Cut-off Date First working day of each subsequent calendar month
Payment Date    Schedule interest debt - from 1 to 10 of each calendar month
Deferred principal amount Amount (s) on which interest is accrued must be paid in full within 60 days from the date of interest accrual

Note: The card is temporarily blocked if the monthly interest debt on the schedule is not paid twice in a row. The card is automatically unblocked after the principal and interest are paid in full. If the amount for which interest is accrued is not paid within 61 days, the card will be temporarily blocked. The card is automatically unblocked after the principal and interest are paid in full.

Business cards Masterсard Kartmanebiz and Visa Kartmanebiz can be used both in Azerbaijan and abroad.


VISA / Masterсard  Entrepreneur

(Kartmanebiz )

VISA / Masterсard  Corporative

(Kartmanebiz )

1 year 10 AZN 5 USD/EUR 10 AZN 5 USD/EUR
2 year 15 AZN 10 USD/EUR 15 AZN 10 USD/EUR
3 year 20 AZN 15 USD/EUR 20 AZN 15 USD/EUR