Card service fee rates
  • Annual service fee for card preparation - 49 AZN/ 29 USD/EUR

  • In addition to the annual service fee being charged in advance for each year, calculation must be activated in Internet banking after card handover to calculate cashback and deposit interest.

  • From 01.02.2023, VAT on Deposit interest is applied.
Additional notes
  • The service fee for the card is charged unilaterally from the balance of the card by the bank in advance for each subsequent year.

  • The calculated bonuses can be unilaterally directed by the Bank to pay the service fee for the card.

  • If the service fee is not paid within 3 months in each subsequent year, the card is blocked.

  • Cards that do not pay the service fee within 6 months are closed and canceled.

  • The price of "Kartmane Biznes" debit cards, the tariffs for top-up, conversion and other operations through ATM and POS terminals are determined according to the "Tariff table of services provided to individuals and legal entities of Rabitabank" OJSC.

  • It is not allowed to make payments on Internet sites and POS terminals that organize Card-to-Card transactions and Gambling games using the "Kartmane Biznes" debit card.

  • When the "Kartmane Biznes" contract expires, the interest calculation on the card balance is stopped and the card is extended for a new term with new conditions upon the customer's request.

Card terms and conditions
  • Kartmane Business debit card is issued for a period not exceeding 5 years.
  • A card bank account for the Kartmane Business product was opened in Azerbaijani manats.
  • 4% of annual income is accrued in favor of the client on the balance of funds on the Kartman Business debit card.
  • The minimum balance of funds on the account on which interest will be calculated is 100 manats, and the maximum balance is 10,000 manats.
  • Accrued daily interest is capitalized on the last calendar (or banking day) day of each month, that is, added to the account balance.
  • Accrued interest is automatically added by the system to the balance of the client's account after the tax is deducted from the source of payment and paid to the state budget.
  • If the client wants to accrue interest on the annual income on the card balance, he can refuse the service by clicking the "Activate" button in the corresponding section of the Internet Banking, and if he does not want interest to be charged, he can refuse the service by clicking the "Deactivate" button ".
Calculation and capitalization of cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses for transactions made with Kartmane Business debit cards are accrued as follows:

  • The maximum amount of accrued cashback is 200 AZN per month. Turnover requirements - cash ATMs, Pos Cash, Card to Card, credit and bank payments, transport (except air transport), communications, sweepstakes, state budget and utility payments, except for quasi-cash payments, other payments are taken into account.
  • The client transfers the accrued cashback bonuses to the Kartmane Business debit card linked to the entrepreneur's current account at the beginning of each next month.
  • If the client wants cashback bonuses to be accrued, he can refuse the service by clicking the "Activate" button in the corresponding section of the Rabitabank mobile application, and if he does not want cashback bonuses to be accrued, he can refuse the service by clicking the " Deactivate".

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