Contract Financing

Everything for the development of your business!

  • Period6 months
  • Interest rate14%
  • CurrencyAZN
  • Commission1%
Invoice Financing

In order to support the development of entrepreneurship, Rabitabank presents a new loan product "Invoice Financing" to business owners!

  • Period3 months
  • Interest rate12%
  • CurrencyAZN
  • Comission1%
Strength in ladies

Business loans in the amount of up to AZN 1 million are provided to women engaged in entrepreneurial activity, at just 12.9% per annum.

  • Period36 months
  • Interest rate12,9%
  • CurrencyAZN
  • Amount30 001 – 1 000 000 AZN
Agrarian Loan

Loan from the Agrarian Credit and Development Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture!

  • Period60 months
  • Interest rate7%
  • CurrencyAZN
Business loan

Entrepreneurs can get a business loan for professional activities from 15% per annum in manats and from 6% per annum in US dollars for up to 36 months.

  • Period36 months
  • Interest rate6%
  • CurrencyAZN / USD
Loan through the Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund

Preferential government-guaranteed business loan for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who want to develop their business.

  • Period84 months
  • Interest rate6%-10%
  • CurrencyAZN
  • Comission0,1%
Loan to entrepreneurs - SIF

Get closer to success with the joint support of the Entrepreneurship Development Foundation!

  • Period120 months
  • Interest rate5%
  • CurrencyAZN
  • Commission0,6%-1%